How did we get here and who we are today

Who we are

How our team started EquiFresh

In 2016 Chris and Leanne Levick first learnt about the benefits of sprouted barley, today known as EquiFresh.

After spending many years perfecting the technology, by 2019 EquiFresh was being grown to a standard enabling it to be fed to high end performance horses.

Improvements such as stainless-steel trays and cutting-edge water management technologies ensures food grade hygiene to the highest standards.

This resulted in launching the product to Olympic class equestrian horses firstly in Florida USA and later to many other US locations.

The results were instant with many Grand Prix winners and over the first 18 months they were so compelling, EquiFresh was then introduced to the thoroughbred industry. 

What happened next

Covid intervened forcing a return to Australia resulting in the launch of EquiFresh at Eagle Farm Racecourse, exposing fresh feed to the Australian racing industry for the first time.

EquiFresh had an immediate impact and in the company’s first season they fed their first Group 1 winner, Apache Chase for the Desleigh Forster yard.

Many other Group and listed winners followed and today there is hardly a meeting in Southeast Queensland where EquiFresh does not feed at least one winner.

Leading trainers have increased their winning percentages, existing ailments have been overcome and horses have become a whole lot healthier.

Every single owner and trainer who has been exposed to EquiFresh have seen the benefits and have become loyal product advocates.

The quality and freshness of EquiFresh combined with daily delivery provides trainers with the perfect nutritional balance enabling a horse to reach its potential.

Vet bills reduce as health increases and every tenth of a second we can add to a horse’s performance equals money in the bank for its lucky owners.