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The wonders of freshly sprouted barley

World's Best Ever Equestrian Horse

Canadian Ian Millar is globally known for his association with a horse described as “a horse of a lifetime”, his name was Big Ben.

Big Ben stood a colossal 17.3 hands high and was considered ‘too big to fly’ yet when his career ended, his record included an unbelievable 40 Grand Prix wins along with back-to-back World Cup success.

In thoroughbred terms he could only be compared to possibly the best horses to grace a racetrack, triple crown winners Secretariat, Seabiscuit and the mighty Australian galloper Winx.

At the end of his career he was inducted into the Canadian Sporting Hall of Fame and joined just one other horse, the world famous Northern Dancer.

What was incredible about Big Ben and his achievements was that he had extremely poor gut health throughout his entire career.

Ian worked out that if he fed sprouted barley that he could not only continue his career but clearly he thrived on the fresh feed. Ian built a makeshift growing trailer and wherever Big Ben went, so did his mobile feed truck much like the one in this image.

Since this time Grand Prix winners have been feeding on sprouted barley throughout the US. At the 2010 London Olympics, the Australian equestrian team fed their horses exclusively on a diet of freshly sprouted barley.